1. sells ORIGINAL paintings by fine artist Sarit Jacobsohn of Nashville TN, but is also the official portfolio website of this fine artist.
  2. Each of the original paintings shown on can only be purchased one single time through the online direct sales storefront, the system is set up to avoid any chance of multiple purchases. First come first served for the lucky buyer!
  3. SHIPPING ETC: Please note that  extra costs, such as handling, shipping and taxes, are NOT included in the  prices shown in the Buy Acrylic Paintings Art store.
    Especially larger format paintings can be expensive to ship!
    Please contact Sarit first so we can sort out the best shipping cost factor solution before you make a purchase, thanks.
    Shipping times for each painting may vary as there may not be ready made packaging available immediately for various sizes of paintings. Each painting will require an individual wrapping and packaging solution.
  4. PAYMENT SYSTEM: Buy Acrylic Paintings Art by Sarit Jacobsohn uses the safe and secure PayPal payment system which offers every buyer purchase protection!
  5. Alternative to buying an original acrylic painting from artist Sarit Jacobsohn directly here at her official online store you may also get in touch with her personally first. The opportunity also exists to order prints, either of complete paintings or of any of the details shown at each paintings home page.
  6. Please be aware that colors may vary from computer screen to computer screen as well as compared to the real life painting, especially as far as the fluorescent neon colors is concerned

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