Artist’s comment: SUNGARDEN, in the light of day, the sun shines down on the great garden which is our planet and it’s glory for all to see. In this painting we find an endless multitude of faces observing nature. Though most believe the sun shines only during the day, some of us know it shines down on earth even in the dark of night. When viewed under black light at night, the shadows prevalent still reveal the wonders of our planet.Web designers impression: Organic shapes and forms, colors grow and form like nature in spring. Someone cries for the big universal embrace of love and affection – while standing somewhere in the background watching the world pass by at some distance. Why are they to blind to see? The artist created her personal landscape.

  • Materials:
    “Golden brand fine artists acrylic paint” multimedia on canvas
  • Measurements: 47 inches x 59 1/2 inches
  • Created: 1996
Painting “Sungarden” exposed to direct sunlightclick to enlarge the painting SUNGARDEN exposed here to direct sunlight
SUNGARDEN painting, here photographed in DIRECT sunlight
SUNGARDEN painting, here photographed in DIRECT sunlight
sungraden mulimedia painting forsale seen under blcklight
Sungarden multimedia painting for sale seen under blacklight
SUNGARDEN multimedia painting for sale in u.v light
SUNGARDEN multimedia painting for sale in UV light

Much more images and detail views of this marvelous, intricate acrylic painting for sale directly from the fine artist:

This painting can adorn your wall and bring the wonders of life seen through an artists eyes. Buy this masterpiece:

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