Sun and Moon, beautiful acrylic portrait painting for sale.
Sun and Moon, beautiful acrylic portrait painting for sale.

Artists words about her acrylic painting for sale:

This oriental inspired native American woman acrylic painting for sale celebrates the sun and the moon, Yin and Yang .The portrayed woman is a child of nature who has not forgotten the gifts of mother nature. Buy this acrylic painting to remind yourself of the abundant gifts our planet offers.
The painting has a slight damage on the canvas in a form of a small tear in the size of a coin which i fixed myself..

Web designers words:

Well, initially i only got a brief glimpse of this incredible piece of acrylics paintings art directly for sale by Sarit Jacobsohn – and the only thought i had during this moment was “wow, this is beautiful”!!
If it is true what goes for people, the first impression .., i’d say it applies also for paintings, and if one person get’s this instant impression of a painting there most likely will be plenty others experiencing the same. Thus, buy this acrylic portrait painting, it will underline your good taste.

  • Materials: acrylic on stretched canvas
  • Measurement: 30 inches x 24 inches
  • Created: 1999

Sorry, tthis acrylic painting has now been sold:

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