rainbows of the universe
rainbows of the universe

Artists words about her acrylic painting for sale:

This acrylic mural for sale is a celebration love between the brush and the canvas. I had a lot going on my mind when i was painting it but would like you to interpret it your way. For best viewing results it must be viewed in the dark under black light.

  • Materials: acrylic on canvas
  • Measurement: 52 inches x 72 inches
  • Created: 2011

This acrylic painting has been SOLD now!

One thought on “Rainbows of the universe, a florescent acrylic mural on canvas”

  1. Hmm Sarit, if you paint with this type of neon colors that should be viewed best in the dark with only some black light on, how do you paint them, also in the dark with only some black lights shining onto the canvas??

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