Example of a print off Sarit Jacobsohns masterpiece acrylic painting Firebird
Example of a print off Sarit Jacobsohns masterpiece acrylic painting Firebird
Some of Sarit Jacobsohn’s art is available in the form of prints and other products. The prints are made to order and can be purchased in a variety of artistic formats, from framed acrylic prints, to cell phone cases and personalised greeting cards. As we grow, more products will be added and a wider variety of prints will be made available. Discounts for bulk orders of prints(for interior designers and corporate accounts) are available for many of her paintings. We contracted our print sales through two companies. FINE ART AMERICA and IMAGEKIND provide our print service.
If you find that the painting you wish to own is not available as a print, contact us and let us know so we can make it available to you. Thank you for your interest in the fine art paintings of Sarit Jacobsohn.

3 thoughts on “Prints and other products”

  1. Sarit J.
    Hello, I’m part of a Hawaii-based cycling group that is designing a cycling kit (jersey top & bottom shorts) and would love to gain permission to use your “Flowers in neonlight” artwork for the main-design. The kit is only for the club cyclists of about 20 riders. We’re not reselling or producing anything else. What are the license grant or fees associated to gain permission for use of the design?
    Thanks again for your time and support.

    1. Hi Enrik, buy-acrylic-paintings-art.com webmaster here, just letting you know that i have forwarded your inquiry to Sarit via Facebook and hope she’ll get back you a.s.a.p.

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