Welcome to the best free, hand tested & monitored website promotions directory lists
A very useful list of free website promotion sites such as;

These are lists of hand tested and monitored free web directories, free blog & feed directories as well as free classified advertisements sites, simply a repository of useful resources mainly for website owners who seek to promote their own websites online.

All credits for gathering and testing the sites listed in this directory for website promotions courtesy of aalsmeerwebdirectory.com, a business web directory

One of the best things about these top lists of free web directories, free blogs and feeds sites plus free online advertisement sites is that all listed links are monitored for link vitality.
Why should id matter??
Web Directories come and go like flies in summer (or so).
General directories listing free web directories are usually filled with dead links – not so this compilation of free web directories and more.

This directory of free blogs, feeds, products and websites submission sites has the following specific link settings:

  • If any link listed at this directory becomes unreachable it is not instantly removed – but instead rather turned into a strike through link for the time being.
  • If that status does not return to reachable within a few days the link will be either, unlinked or completely removed from this directory of free web directories

Please enjoy this useful best free web directories list for webmasters seeking to promote their website/s online, submit to free blogs directories, free feeds submissions sites, free classified ads sites and, most importantly, hand submit, don’t spam if you want to stay on the good side of big Mamma G and equally big Papa B (if you know who’s mentioned here).

The proprietor of these freely usable tested lists of website directories, blogs and feeds directories as well as free classified advertisements sites bears no responsibility for the contents of any and all external links listed within these monitored best of web promotions sites lists. Every site has been visited and tested manually by the proprietor at least once, every link is monitored for vitality but not for true contents thus.

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