click to enlarge painting Kids looking at a snowed under scenery
example of a sold custom acrylic painting Kids looking at a snowed under scenery

Sure, back in the days of cavemen it was simply fashion to carve or sketch something of your own on the walls of the cave you live in 🙂

However, in the hay day of art custom paintings where the peak of visual arts. Only royalty, rich people or institutions could afford to order and pay an artist to paint their portrait, a mural or a special scenery, all other people had to simply try to do it by themselves..

Today the do-it-yourself plan is out performing many visual arts created by by artists made-to-order. We all know why this is the case, mass media, digital cameras, graphics software, in short, new technologies allow almost anyone to create the striking visual effects, ready to be printed for a buck or two and hung onto anyone’s wall by the dozen (if desirable).

So, where would custom paintings (paintings made-to-order) fit in today??
Why would an innovative modern artist like Sarit Jacobsohn want to bother with this special type of painting??

You see, it’s the personal touch that makes all the difference. Test this out for yourself. Hang a photo of a nice painting you once bought next to the original painting, in the same size if possible, and you see exactly what i mean.
A: The photo does not have a texture
B: the painting carries the artists signature. I am not referring to just the signed name, but to the strokes, the technique used, the “hand writing”, the deliberately chosen composition of the painting

So, a photo or a computer generated graphic image can give you a “technical overview” or a visual presentation, but it will be devoid of life.
A hand painted work of art, however, contains life.
The better the artist the more intense you will experience the inspiration that motivated the artist. This unique feature will come through and will make your custom made acrylic painting totally original.

If you are looking for a visual artist who can create a custom painting upon your request, please review fine artist Sarit Jacobsohn’s portfolio and, if you think her style and technique would fit your needs, convey your idea to her by using the contact form for artist Sarit Jacobsohn.

Mind you, in our technological days distance does not matter, whether you life at the bottom of the famous Matterhorn or in a high rise complex in Manhattan or besides a soup kitchen somewhere in the Boonies, if you can email you can order your visual dream, idea or photo painted for you by Sarit Jacobsohn.

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