The painting girl with bird seen under mixed light condition.
The painting girl with bird seen under mixed light condition.
GIRL WITH BIRD, the painting features both normal and fluorescent colors and is intended by the artist to be viewed under multiple lighting conditions.Artist’s comment: A girl discovers a bird in a magical garden. Flowers surround the pair as cosmic rays penetrate the scene from the sun.Web designers impression: This fluorescent acrylic painting by fine artist Sarit Jacobsohn also shines with an abundance of flashy colors in an intricate composition that changes considerably under various lighting conditions – thus giving this original acrylic painting for sale a life of it’s own. Please take a closer look, this painting is not for the faint of heart! I see a monumental struggle in it. One big angry reptile-like creature is about to swallow the girl, the bird and a blooming flower. Use your imagination.

  • Materials: acrylic on canvas
  • Measurement: 24 inches x 18 inches / 60.96 cm x 45.72 cm
  • Created: 2011
Artists view of acrylic painting “Girl with bird”purchase flourescent acrylic painting GIRL WITH BIRD, seen here on easel

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