Every once in a blue moon someone argues that acrylic paint is not as durable as the old classic, oil paint.

So, I figured it was time for me to thoroughly explore this.
Mind you, acrylic paint was only invented in 1934 and not much used before the 1940’s, so, maybe 75 years of evolution and usage, is hardly enough time to judge the longevity.

There is more on the history of acrylic paint at Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Acrylic_paint – where it also states that Golden already played a major role in the development of acrylic paints, and Golden is the brand fine artist Sarit Jacobsohn is using for all her paintings.

It’s also commonly known that artists like Mark Rothko and David Hockney already used acrylic paints, so, it’s probably safe to say that acrylic paints as a medium to create visual artwork is well and truly established.

Yet, I wanted to dig a bit deeper into the matter of longevity of acrylic paints for fine artists and figured that if I asked the manufacturer directly because paints manufacturers do make all sorts of tests, weather steadfastness, longevity, light-fastness and so on, so they would know more from a technical angle.

Here is the answer I received from Golden senior technical specialist Sarah Sands (who then later on also placed this insightful information about acrylic paints vs. oil paints in terms of durability in Golden’s own blog), here it is: http://www.justpaint.org/are-acrylics-as-durable-as-oils/

So there you have it, the differences very well explained, in football terms acrylics could maybe claim a 2:1 victory here?

While I was in touch with Golden, a pioneer in acrylic paints, I also asked them what levels of quality their various acrylic paint products are at, because many other manufacturers offer around 3 levels of quality, the usual fine arts top quality, a students grade mid quality and a hobby level cheap quality, a distinction i could not find at their website.
Here’s part of the answer i received from Sarah Sands:
It is true that other brands almost always produce several lines of paint with different levels of quality. However Golden has never produced a student quality paint. All our products, in fact, are produced to the highest professional standard possible and are tested with the expectation that they are being used to produce durable works of art of the highest order … if they do not, as in the example of the Fluorescent’s in acrylics or our Alizarin Crimson in oils, we make sure those are clearly marked as having a light-fastness of poor or fugitive.

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